4 Savvy Ways to Manage Toggle Configuration

March 8, 2023 by No Comments


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Managing Toggle Configuration with Static Files

In general, the preferred approach for managing toggle configuration is through static files. However, this can become cumbersome as toggles scale up to a certain size.

As a result, many organizations move to some form of centralized store for toggle configuration. This can be an existing application DB or it may require building out a new UI to manage toggles and their configuration.

Feature Toggles are Like Inventory

Savvy teams view their Feature Toggles as inventory, much the way they would their code base. As a result, it’s important to be proactive in removing toggles that are no longer needed or no longer required for the current version of the product.

In particular, a Release Toggle should not remain in place for too long, especially if the toggling decision is very static. While some product-centric toggles may need to remain in place for a few months, most toggles should only be around for a week or two.