Casino Perks For First-Time Gamblers

March 5, 2022 by No Comments

Visiting a casino is an experience unlike any other, and it can be overwhelming for a first-time player. The biggest mistake most first-timers make is ignoring the rules of the game. Instead, they focus on customer service. Casinos provide perks to encourage gamblers to spend more money and spend more time in the casino. These perks are called comps. In the 1970s, Las Vegas casinos offered free buffets, discounted travel packages, and show tickets. This strategy aimed to maximize the number of people who were able to visit the area and spend money. This was a crucial factor in increasing gambling revenue, as the more people filled the casino floor, the more revenue the casino would earn.


Today, casinos are more choosy about which patrons they accept. Most of them are highly profitable, and they focus a great deal of investment on high rollers. These patrons spend far more money than the average gambler and gamble in separate rooms off the main casino floor. Often, their stakes exceed tens of thousands of dollars. While many gamblers enjoy a fun night out in a casino, only 13.5% of them actually win, which is a significant loss for the casino.

In addition to the high-tech games, the casinos use video cameras and computers to monitor the gaming floor. In some cases, the casino uses “chip tracking,” which involves installing microcircuitry in the betting chips. These devices allow the casino to monitor wagers minute-by-minute. In addition, roulette wheels are routinely monitored and statistical deviations are recorded. Some casinos even offer free cigarettes and drinks to big bettors as inducements.