How to Use Toggle in Your Web Application

April 7, 2023 by No Comments

Togle is a simple user-interface component that can make a big impact on the experience of your users. It is a popular control that can be used for updating preferences, settings and other types of information.

Use Toggle with Direct Labels

Clear labels for toggle controls make it easier for your users to understand what they are doing and what state they’re in right now. The best way to do this is to write short, direct labels that describe what the control will do when it’s on or off.

Standard Visual Design for Toggles

Color is an important visual signifier and should be used to signal the change in state of a toggle switch. It should also be contrasted with the other content of the page, and should not be neutral or ambiguous.

Deliver Immediate Results

When using toggles, the state should be updated immediately. If not, the result can be confusing or frustrating for your users.

In addition, toggles should be responsive to user input. It is a good idea to include a status loop animation for toggle switches to show that they have changed their state.

Test Release Toggles

Once a feature toggle is live in production it’s a good idea to test it with both its default Off and On states so that you can verify that it works as expected. This will help to avoid regressions in future releases.

Many teams find that it is also a good idea to remove any feature toggles that no longer make sense in their current context, as part of their regular code review process. Some even go as far as putting “expiration dates” on them that will fail a test (or refuse to start an application!) if they remain around for too long.