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August 26, 2023 by No Comments

Toggle is a digital magazine for technology executives that takes a deep look at the ways that companies build and manage their technology. It examines how the people in these leadership roles work together and their unique relationships with their trusted vendors and service providers to make their organizations function at peak performance.

A toggle is a hardware or software switch that enforces a mutually exclusive state (ON/OFF). Toggles are best suited to system settings and preferences where users are expected to change the state of a feature from one option to another. They provide a better UX than two radio buttons and take up less screen estate. Toggle labels should be clear and direct to help users determine what action the toggle will take if pressed, and the current state of the toggle. Use high-contrast colors to signal state changes and be mindful of cultural or societal implications of the choice of color, for example the use of red as an on/off indicator can have negative connotations in some cultures.

Toggle configuration can be managed in a number of ways including static files, preprocessor flags and in some cases through the use of an existing application DB. In the latter case, a database-based approach offers the advantage of being able to dynamically re-configure toggles but also comes with some additional complexity. Most organizations opt to use a centralized store to manage their toggle configuration and build-out a form of admin UI that allows system operators, testers and product managers to view and modify the toggle state.