Toggle is a Software Tool That Turns Construction Drawings Into Automated Manufacturing Programs

June 3, 2023 by No Comments

Toggle is a software tool that turns construction drawings into automated robotic manufacturing programs. It has been used to improve safety, productivity and accuracy in rebar fabrication. The company was founded in 2013 and raised a Series A funding round from a group of investors.

A toggle is a switch that has two states: on and off. It is found in hardware and software, from physical buttons such as the Caps Lock or Num Lock to the more subtle option items within software menus. When a toggle is pressed it moves from the off state to the on state, and when it is released it moves back to the off state.

Savvy teams treat their toggle configuration as inventory that comes with a carrying cost, and seek to keep it low. To do this they tend to avoid hardcoding toggle configuration into code, preferring instead a more dynamic approach that can be modified without the need for re-deploying and restarting the app.

A common technique is to use a preprocessor feature like #ifdef to manage the state of toggles. While this is relatively simple and easy to manage it is not scalable when the toggle configuration starts to grow. The alternative is to move the toggle state into a centralized repository such as an existing application database. This can be more complicated to implement but can also provide a faster and more flexible way to manage the state of a toggle.