What is a Toggle?

December 29, 2022 by No Comments


Toggle is a word used in many different areas of computing. You may have seen the word on an options menu or in a system that allows you to toggle between two states. The word means “to switch”. It is usually referred to as an on/off button. However, you might also hear the word as a synonym for a video chat or computer technology.

Usually, toggling is a quick and simple process. Using a keyboard, you can press a key and select one of the options. Similarly, you can use a mouse to navigate between options.

If you’re using a desktop app, you can press Alt+Tab to toggle between programs. This feature is also available for Apple devices.

When it comes to hardware, the toggle switch refers to the part of the machine that controls the up and down motion of a fastener. For instance, the Caps Lock key toggles between the Caps Lock and Num Lock functions.

Several types of toggles are commonly found in computer software. A toggle can be a menu item on a menu bar or a specific function on a keyboard. These items are often labeled with high contrast colors to indicate the state of the toggle.

Toggles are a critical aspect of a user’s experience. You want to make sure your toggles are easy to recognize, use a standard visual design, and deliver immediate results. In order to do this, you should consider the color of the toggle as well as the type of information being shown.