What Is a Toggle?

December 6, 2023 by No Comments


A toggle is a switch with two positions, either on or off. A toggle is often used to control a feature, such as whether cookies are displayed or not. It can also be used to change a setting, such as the font size of text on a website or the brightness of the screen.

Toggle can be a useful tool, but keluaran sgp it should be used sparingly, and only when the resulting effect has a default value. A toggle should be placed as close as possible to its label to ensure that users can understand what it does. For other controls with immediate effects, such as radio buttons, it might be more appropriate to use a button> element with the aria-pressed attribute instead of a toggle.

Many teams choose to use toggles when they want users to be able to enable or disable new features without having to save their changes or hit a submit button. Toggles are a great option for this kind of control, but it’s important to test the toggle configuration that will be in production before rolling it out. This should include testing the toggles that are expected to be flipped Off plus any that will be rolled back to an existing or legacy behavior.

A common use of toggles is to let users adjust settings that affect multiple parts of a page or application, such as the overall layout, responsiveness, animation & delay, and so on. A toggle can also be used to adjust the size of text on a webpage or app, such as the font size or text alignment, which is commonly seen on social media apps and mobile browsers.