What is a Toggle?

April 1, 2024 by No Comments


A toggle is a switch that has two positions, on and off. It’s used in hardware, such as the key that turns on the Caps Lock and Num Lock functions on a keyboard, and software, like the checkboxes that let you turn on or off features in options menus.

Feature toggles are powerful tools that support dev teams as they experiment with new functionality and roll out product improvements. They can also be helpful as circuit breakers in the case of unexpected issues such as high latency or performance degradation.

Savvy teams view Feature Toggles as inventory that comes with a carrying cost and seek to minimize their stock by regularly removing expired and unnecessary ones. Some teams add a toggle removal task to their backlog for every release version of a new feature, while others use a feature flag management platform like Kameleoon that lets them manage current flags and remove old ones from one dashboard.

In a technical sense, a toggle is an alternative to a radio button or a checkbox, but it has advantages over both of them: it takes up less screen space and it has a pre-selected default state (ON or OFF). Toggles are especially useful on mobile devices where they are more prominent than other controls.

The Visibility Toggle allows you to hide article sections, containers, images, maps, prompt linked articles, quotes, and aloud boxes from viewers of your site. The article title, subheading, and credits can not be hidden as they are essential elements of the article and should always be visible.