What is a Togle?

September 12, 2022 by No Comments


A toggle is a tool used to change between two different states in a given situation or application. It can be used to switch between various tasks, such as switching between the clock and the calculator, or between a number of programs on a computer. Toggling is an interesting term for a noun because it can describe both a device and an activity.

Toggles can be hardware or software. For example, computer keyboards have toggles to toggle between the Caps Lock key and a checked/unchecked indicator, and software toggles are often found in settings menus. Toggling is a key feature of modern computing and a vital part of many applications.

Toggling is a useful tool for web development projects and can be applied to desktop, mobile, or web browsers. To use toggles, make sure to include a clear description of the state of the control when it is on. Avoid using ambiguous or neutral labels, and don’t forget to add “on/off” to the label. Also, toggle switches should have visual cues that are helpful for users to recognize. The position of the toggle should also change when it is changed from an off state to an on state.

The term “toggling” refers to any switch that has two outcomes, one of which is the same for two different options. In computing, toggling is found in almost every aspect. From options lists to preferences lists, toggles allow users to turn on or off specific options.