What Is Togle?

March 5, 2023 by No Comments


Togle is an incredibly flexible time-tracking tool, with precise reporting capacity and powerful integrations. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.

Toggle – definition (Wiktionary): A switch that has two possible outcomes, on and off. A toggle is found in most settings and preferences lists and is often used in software for hardware switching as well.

A toggle is also a physical switch or button that turns on and off specific features in hardware or software. Examples include the caps lock and numeric keys on a keyboard, or the Wi-Fi option on your smartphone.

Feature Toggles, and their management

There are many different types of Feature Toggle that can be introduced in a system. Some of the more common ones are Release Toggles, Product Toggles, Permissioning Toggles and Experiment Toggles.

Release Toggles should typically only stay live for a week or two, although product-centric toggles may need to stick around longer. For a Release Toggle the toggling decision is static and won’t be changed when the toggle configuration is rolled out into production, so this type of toggle is generally quite easy to test and maintain.

Product Toggles should usually be removed as soon as they’re no longer needed. This can be done by either removing them from source control or by adding a task to the backlog, and it’s also advisable to remove them from the codebase entirely where they no longer meet a minimum performance criteria for production.